Why Homestead Mortgage?

This is the Homestead Family – We are a full service mortgage brokerage firm. Lending is our only business. We specialize in residential real estate lending. Whether you are a realtor or a buyer, you are our customer and our highest priority. With more than 35 years of experience we offer unique personalized service that insures you of a mortgage solution that fits your needs.

Why Homestead Mortage

Our Office

The Homestead Mortgage office is located at 171 Main Street in historic Jackson, California. Whether you are thinking of refinancing or purchasing , we have a solution for you. Find out why others have said Homestead Mortgage is the way to a better home.

Dale Haney

Dale Haney was first licensed by the California Department of Real Estate in 1983. He joined the family business in 1997. With his years of experience, he can offer you personalized service and a loan solution that fits your needs. You’ll be glad you came to see him. To start the process, you can Apply Here Online or come visit us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Naor Karkay-Selea

Being a fully licensed loan officer, Naor is ready, eager, and able to help guide you to the best decision when it comes to finding a loan. Being a part of Homestead means that we aim to be truthful, and strive for the highest level of service. No matter the circumstances, Naor will pursue the highest standards and ensure you are knowledgeable and confident that you will get the loan tailored to your needs. To start the process, you can apply here online, call-in, or come visit us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Always Responsive

Unlike other mortgage brokerage firms, you will never be transferred from one person to another any time you call. Our goal is to provide you with great service and that starts with being available whenever you need us. You can contact us here, by email, phone or stop by the office. We even respond after office hours ( but we do go to bed at a reasonable hour ).

Award Winning

Homestead Mortgage has been awarded “Best of Amador” year after year by the Ledger Dispatch. We believe that earning a customer’s trust starts with attention to detail and giving great personal service. You will find, as our client’s testimonials clearly show, we are exceptional at what we do and our only goal is to make you a satisfied client and part of the Homestead Family.

You have questions, we have answers.

At Homestead Mortgage we lend where we live. That means that for us, you’re more than just a borrower, you’re our neighbor. We will help you find the right mortgage solution for your specific needs.